Terms and Conditions

Copyright 2000 - 2012 : TWHosting Internet Services: Muldersbank; Volmoed; 6620; South Africa

Hellonet Internet Services - Referred to as: The Company, Hosting Services, Marketing Services, Hello Shops, Us or We

Clients - Referred to as: Clients, Users or Customers

Clause 1 through 7

Clause 1 - Contact Support

Phones : +27442726776 or 0442726776 : Email: support@hellonet.info. Or "On Page" contact forms

clause 2 - Acceptance

Every User entering into a Service Agreement with Hellonet cc - Agrees and accepts Company Terms And Conditions as listed on these pages - Without exception. All Company Websites contain links to this document, and Users have been advised to read all Clauses , and to submit objections to the Company in writing

clause 3 - Consideration

Consider other users! Overloading Internet resources result in reduced efficiency for all. If you don't know what "Overloaded Resources" are -  Ask the Webmaster  to explain

clause 4 - objectionable Content

Client domains containing "objectionable" material; will be suspended or removed without prejudice. "Adult" Websites are allowed at "huge" fees; plus constraint imposed by us or third parties

clause 5 - Lawfull Use

All domains hosted on Our servers may only be used lawfully. Illegal or offensive material will be removed.
Illegal material is published content forbidden under South African State or Constitutional laws

clause 6 - Sole Use

Company registered domains are for the sole use of bona fide Clients in good standing. We reserves the right to suspend or remove, domains in conflict with these Terms and Conditions

clause 7 - Copyright Violation

To Transmit, distribute or store data in violation of global and copyright laws are forbidden

Clause 8 through 13

clause 8 - Hacking and Linking

Hacking, phreaking, linking, or providing resources aimed at supporting such activities are prohibited

clause 9 - Malware Content

Distribution of material containing viruses, spam, or the promotion thereof, is forbidden

clause 10 - Resource Abuse

Exceeding allocated resources will result in increased fees, suspension or removal

clause 9 - Protection

The Company shall take all possible steps to protect User information at all times

clause 10 - disclosure

We collect personal Client details for record purposes only.
User information will never be disclosed to third parties, unless legally ordered to so, by a Court of Law

clause 11 - Ownership

The Company claims ownership and rights to non-personal information collected during the life of any service agreement

clause 12 - Copyright

Commercial use of content published on Company registered Domains are protected by Copyright Laws. Permission to publish such material may be granted on application to the Admin Manager -  Contact Us

clause 13 - Illegal Content

The Company never screens Client Domain content at any time. We are not liable for illegal, defamatory or obscene content displayed. Users should inform us of such content

Clause 14 through 19

clause 14 - Consent

Visitors contacting The Company consent to receiving of email and telephonic communications from us

clause 15 - Linking

No person, business or web site may link to Company domains without written permission.
To obtain permission - contact the Admin Manager (clause 1) above. Links on Company domains are deemed a "Service". We may not endorse, or agree with content found on linked Websites

clause 16 - liability

Apart from the provisions of sections 43(5) and 43(6) of the Electronic Communications and Transactions Act - The Company shall not be held liable for losses suffered as a result of the inability to use services provided by us. The Company offers no guarantees that content will be free from errors or omissions - Or that services will be free from uninterruptions 24/7. Kindly report malfunctions for immediate attention

clause 17 - Property

Trademarks and Data displayed on Company servers; including software, databases, text, graphics, icons, hyperlinks, designs or agreements, are the property of, or licensed to the Company and protected from infringement by local and international legislation and treaties

clause 18 - Consent

Users visiting Company domains, or electronically contact the Company at any time, consent to the receipt of email and telephonic communication from the Company

clause 19 - Email Accounts

Additional accounts - More than two(2) email accounts per domain, is an "extra" to quoted hosting fees. A monthly fee of R25.50 ($3.50) is charged for each additional account, without exception. Additional mailbox storage only - Is charged at R5.00 ($0.60) per Megabyte per month. Also read Clause 20 below.

Clause 20

clause 20 - About Websites and Design

Company websites are designed for the majority. Clients should contact the Company, prior to entering into a service agreement, as to the availability of services meeting their requirements.

Information, ideas and opinions expressed on Company domains should not be regarded as professional advice, or as the official opinion of Company staff.

Website construction time depends on complexity of design, and the timely provision of content by the Clients.

Photos, other graphics, general text content, required on Websites must be provided by the Clients. The Company designers can design and create all Client requirements at additional cost to the Client.

Project completion dates are estimates based on the above requirements. Neither the Company, nor their designers accept responsibility for delays unless caused directly through non-performance of Company staff.

Written quotations includes all costs and fees, for immediate or later payment. Pre-design, interim and final website construction payments will normally be required.

Additional services, such as domain registration, hosting and other services will be quoted separately, for Client acceptance.

Additional Email accounts and/or mailbox storage space; is an "extra" to quoted hosting fees. Read Clause 19 above.

Provision of software; Purchasing of Themes or Templates and Domain registration fees are payable immediately on acceptance of quotations provided.

Clients residing outside the borders of the Republic of South Africa, will be quoted in US Dollars at current rates plus a markup to cover financial and other possible charges

Clause 21

clause 21 - Payment for Services Rendered

Payment for "once-off" or "recurring" services, may be paid by credit card - Or through foreign or locally payment service providers, such as "2checkout.com", "Paypal", or "MonsterPay". These services may be accessed via links displayed on Company Websites.

Payments may be made directly using electronic banking services, or by approved debit order arrangements. All additional bank charges incurred will always be for the client's account, without exception

Payment by cheque (check) is not accepted

"Cash Deposits" to Company accounts must include bank deposit charges at R20.00 ($2.80) per transaction

Agreed monthly, annual or other periodic payments, for internet services are due on the first day of each calendar month. Payments not received by the 5th day of each month, may be suspended pending payment. Also read Menu Item: "Cancellations"

Monthly, Annual or Periodic Service payments are payable in advance, and also prior to commencement of new services. "First Payments" - For new services may include additional charges, such as domain registration fees or for other agreed costs. Services will be activated on payment of agreed fees. Or by special arrangement

Clause 22 through 23

clause 22 - Suspensions

Monthly, Annually or agreed periodical service payments not received by the "2nd Due-Date" - ( Refer: Clause 21 ) -may be suspended, without prejudice. The date of suspension will be determined by the Company at its sole discretion. Suspension may be preceded by a final written or telephonic request for immediate payment of all arrears.

clause 23 - Re-instatement

Re-instatement of services are dependent on payment of all outstanding fees, plus a "reconnection" fee of R200.00 ($28.00). Refusal, or non-payment of the above will result in immediate cancellation of services, without further communication. Legal action, to recover outstanding fees and legal costs, may be taken at Company descretion.

Clause 24 through 25

clause 24 - Cancellation of services

Cancellation of services - is subject to a one calendar months written notice, for accounts in good standing. Such notice must be received by the 27th day of the current month. The notice period will commence from the first day - and conclude on the last day of the following month. Full services will be provided during this period. Client domain(s) Transfer requests to another service provider, will be refused unless all outstanding fees owed to The Company have been paid

clause 25 - Refusal of domain transfers

Domain transfer requests, following Cancellations, will only be accepted and approved providing no outstanding service fees are due to the Company for services already provided, and not paid. Important! Arrears or other outstanding fees, must be paid prior to the approval of domain transfer requests - No exceptions will be considered.

Clause 26 through 30 : END - Terms and Conditions

clause 26 - domicilium

The Company chooses as its "domicilium citandi et executandi" - for purposes under this agreement; Whether in respect of court processes, notices, documents or other communications of whatsoever nature: Muldersbank, Volmoed, Oudtshoorn, Western Cape. Contact details are published on Company Marketing Websites for easy reference, as follows: Phone: +27 44 272 6776 : Fax | 086 538 8999..
Marketing Websites: hello.co.za - hellonet.co.za - hellonet.info

clause 27 - Governing Law

The Company operates within the RSA, and are subject to its laws and regulations. Users agree that the Company shall not be liable for legal or professional fees in the event of disputes.

clause 28 - Security

Users agree that confidential "Login names and passwords" is for personal use only. Users will be liable for damages to Company severs through illegal use of access codes. Whether made available directly or indirectly to third parties

clause 29 - Changes to this Document

The Company reserves the right to change and update these Terms and Conditions of Service - without prior notice to Users

clause 30 - Disputes

Unresolved disputes between parties shall be submitted for agreed arbitration - Or resolved through normal legal procedures. Refer to Clause 26 above